Why Dates?

Our mixes are sweetened with one incredible food—whole, nutrient-dense, organic dates. Dates are an amazing fruit, and nature's perfect sweetener!

Rich in Nutrients

We know vitamins and minerals and other nutrients are essential to the health of every part of our body, but many people are deficient in many important nutrients.

Each 100g serving of dates contains vital nutrients, including:
Fiber – 26% RDA.
Copper – 40% RDA.
Manganese – 16% RDA.
Magnesium – 17% RDA
Potassium – 15% RDA.

Regulate Blood Sugar

Some people are concerned about the natural sugar in dates, but research shows that dates are a low glycemic food. A study testing the effect of eating dates on blood sugar found that dates do not cause significant glucose spikes in the blood. The natural sugars in dates come along with fiber, providing a slow-burning, sustainable energy boost!

Nature's Candy

Dates add a wonderfully rich, decadent flavor to our sweet treats. A mouthwateringly sweet, nutrient-rich fruit that doesn't spike blood sugar levels—nature knows what she's doing, and we're proud to sweeten our mixes with nourishing and delicious dates!